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Local studio turns yoga poses into acrobatic feats

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Yoga dates back to the year 3000 B.C. It has evolved over the years to become a great workout for the mind and body, but you probably have never seen yoga like this before.

"Aerial Yoga is a relatively new style of yoga. Sometimes you'll be doing some flips and acrobatic stuff and sometimes it will be a longer held pose that you usually do on a mat," said Rachel Wilson of "Om My Yoga" in Camp Hill.

"Om My Yoga" started giving private classes about a year ago. Group sessions just a few months ago. Aerial yoga takes traditional yoga to a whole new level. You can push harder and go father, thanks to a hammock that supports your every move.

"You don't feel like you are going to fall out. You don't feel like you are going to get hurt. It feels like a security blanket," said Megan Dempsey.

The silky trapeze can turn poses like Warrior 1 and Capturing into acrobatic feats. "I love this class. This is just a freeing great class. Any inhibitions you might have, you won't have them when you leave," said Donna Gates.

In many of the poses you are hanging upside-down, which apparently is good for you. Doing inversions can take pressure off the spine.

"Inversions have so many benefits. It can help with anti-aging, skin complexion and help with sleep cycles," said Wilson.

Aerial Yoga classes are about an hour long. It costs $22 per class. For more information, go to ommyyoga.com.

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