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DA: Flier in Kortne Stouffer case not credible

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Kortne Stouffer Kortne Stouffer

Lebanon County has no greater mystery than the disappearance of Kortne Stouffer. However, investigators are puzzled why a "bounty hunter" would claim he uncovered a major breakthrough.

Wearing a smile and a headband, photos of Kortne Stouffer continue to hang with hope around Palmyra. It was sevens month ago on July 29 that the 21-year-old vanished without a trace.

Recently, a sketch of a bearded man was circulating around town and on Facebook. Fliers with the image provided information on several kidnappings the suspect is connected to, including Stouffer's.

Many believed the sketch was a major breakthrough. On Monday, Lebanon County District Attorney Dave Arnold warned the flyer had no credibility.

"We have zero reason to believe that anything posted in that flyer has any validity whatsoever," said Arnold.

Arnold said detectives spent hours talking to the person behind the so-called Stouffer suspect sketch. He explained investigators grilled the "bounty hunter" on his credibility and sources of information. Arnold said the hunter in question only gathered nonsense.

"This person is getting the community upset without any basis for saying what he's saying," said Arnold. "We've asked him to cease doing so."

Yet, attorney Karl Rominger, who represents the Stouffer family in the case, is not fully convinced the lead is dead.

"Part of the thing that hampers us right now is just because the secrecy of the police investigations," said Rominger. "We don't have all of the information that the district attorney has available to make a decision like that. We're not going to say if this is a false lead or not, we just want it investigated fully."

Arnold explained that not only was the lead investigated, he said he is "very frustrated" the bounty hunter hindered the actual investigation.

"I don't know if he's looking for his moment in the sun so to speak," said Arnold. "It's a lot of wasted time for our investigators."

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