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Lebanon Transit encourages residents to 'Break up with your car'

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It is something that is available to all of us, but not something all of us take advantage of: public transportation.

In Lebanon County, ridership is accelerating.

"It's been going up a little bit every year," said Theresa L. Giurintano, executive director of Lebanon Transit. "We probably transport about 30,000 trips a month."

Now, Lebanon Transit wants you to jump on the bandwagon - and the bus. A new campaign is asking drivers to break up with their cars, or at least go on a one-day break on a Tuesday.

"It's all about getting commuters out of their cars and into the bus," said Giurintano.

Lebanon Transit is offering an incentive for new riders -- a free round trip ticket for any route, any Tuesday, between now and the end of June. There is an also an incentive for current riders.

"For the commuters that are already using us and are encouraging their friends to get on the bus, they can also go online at and register for a $100 Visa gift card," said Giurintano.

It will give new riders a chance to experience the benefits of public transportation, in hopes that they will become regular riders.

Lebanon Transit officials said there are seven benefits. Among them, public transportation is green for the environment and could save you green.

"And $600 a month is what they're saying you can save in gas, which is a significant savings," said Giurintano. "If you're commuting to Harrisburg, not only do you save money for gas, but you save on the parking."

Another benefit, you do not have to drive.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.rideonLT.org.

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