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Police to conduct rail security exercise Monday

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Don't be alarmed if you noticed heightened security at Amtrak stations on Monday.

It's part of a nationwide exercise to make sure local, state, and federal agencies can communicate with each other if there is ever a threat on the rails.

It's important to note there is currently no known threat to Amtrak.

Officers plan to be on trains and platforms Monday as part of a security sweep.

The exercise comes on the 9-year anniversary of the 2004 terrorist bombings at a train station in Madrid, Spain.

More than 1700 officers in 42 states, including members of the Middletown police force, will be involved.

All of the tactics used will be reviewed and evaluated to see if they would be effective enough in case of a threat.

"Terrorist threats can occur anywhere," Middletown Police Chief Steven Wheeler said. "It's important we be vigilant...that the police are able to cooperate with each other and are all on the same page when it comes to these things."

Despite the increased police presence, the exercise should not affect service.

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