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Cumberland County

Residents protest paving pathway to nature trail

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Lower Allen Township will pave a path to a new nature trail, but some residents in the area have objections to this plan.

The path will go through the Allendale neighborhood, and residents are worried that pavement will increase flooding and runoff. They also expressed concerns about the path cutting through a popular play area for neighborhood children.

The commissioners, however, want better access to the trail. Lower Allen Twp Commissioner H. Edward Black said they are paving "because of strollers and bikes." He added, "We have to make it accessible."

Sandy Christenson, a resident of the Allendale neighborhood, disagrees with this reasoning. "There is no ADA Requirement. The requirement is that the access be and the path be firm and stable and if you're trail through the woodlands meets requirements then the same can be said for access from the trail head back to the original part."

The path has been approved by the EPA and PennDOT. Construction is scheduled to begin in the near future.

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