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ACLU threatens legal action over gay-straight alliance vote

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania sent Chambersburg School District leaders a letter threatening to sue if they don't grant club status to a gay-straight alliance.

Students in the district have been trying to get club status for the group for more than a year. Their is to provide a safe place for students who are concerned about sexual orientation.

The ACLU said in its letter, without this status members would not be able to use the school's morning announcement system, put up flyers advertising events, or hold events.

In February, the school board voted 5-4 against giving the group the club status. Some board members said they voted against the move because the group was to similar to an already existing multi-cultural club.

The ACLU is giving leaders until March 15 to respond to its letter and give the group club status. They said if they don't receive any response they will move forward with legal action.

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