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Mechanicsburg doctor's migraine therapy published

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Several months ago, abc27 News reported on a newly developed migraine therapy by a local doctor, Dr. David Sullivan of Mechanicsburg.  Since that story, his clinical trial has attained a high success rate and, now, has been published.

Cindy White, a patient of Sullivan's, has been suffering from crippling migraines since she was a young girl.  Her headaches got worse as an adult. 

"I've missed my children's games; I have had to miss school events, haven't been able to participate in my children's school, spending time with my husband," White said.

That all changed a few months ago, after she watched abc27's story about Sullivan's therapy.

"I called the next day, the lady that was [in the abc27 story] was the story of my life, and I came in and within four months I have had a 99 percent turn-around," she said.

The therapy is quite simple.  By stimulating the ear drum, the doctor activates certain nerves that then calm down migraines.  Now that Sullivan's work has been published, other doctors can use it.

"It's very easy and with just five minutes of training, they can put this thing in somebody's ear and squeeze the bulb a couple times and the headache goes away, they will be able to see it for their own eyes," Dr. Sullivan said.

The therapy only takes a few moments, but, for Sullivan's patients, it gives them something they had only dreamed of -- pain-free futures.

"I've been pain free for over 30 days, which is quite an accomplishment because I [had] daily migraine headaches, so it is a whole new life," said White.

To contact Dr. David Sullivan, visit keystonechiropracticneurology.com.

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