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Conoy Township prohibits flying drones above another's property

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They are not worried about a drone strike in one Lancaster County community. But, under a new nuisance ordinance, if someone did fly a drone over an area without the property owner's permission they could face a $300 fine.

Thursday night the Conoy Township Board of Supervisors passed a so-called drone ordinance that prohibits, "the operation of remote controlled or other non-tethered aircraft over property not owned by the operator and without the permission of the property owner."

Supervisor Stephen Mohr said Conoy is the first municipality in the state to pass such a measure. Mohr, for all intents and purposes, sponsored the nuisance ordinance after he noticed a remote controlled aircraft over a township home last year. The aircraft was contracted by a realtor to take video of the property for listing purposes.

Flying Media was not connected to the incident, but owner Craig Peck said he had some concerns. His company provides aerial video. He was concerned prior to the meeting.

"If you were to put some kind of crazy limitations I guess it would be another story," Peck said. "Everyone needs to be respectful. If you are going to fly and do photography you need to be respectful of everyone around you."

Supervisors admit that they didn't have a problem with remote controlled aircraft violating landowner's air space, but wanted something on the books about it nonetheless.

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