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Local gun dealer blasts conspiracy theories on ammo shortage

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Gun owners around the midstate have been aware of a shortage of ammunition in recent weeks.

Bloggers on the internet have been accusing the government of contributing to that shortage by hoarding ammunition.

But a local gun dealer said that is not the case.

The staff at Stoudt's Gun Shop on Allentown Boulevard said the government is buying up rounds, but that it is not doing it to hoard the ammunition.

They said the government's purchases are normal and that the ammo the government uses is not the stuff you would find on most store shelves anyway.

So what is causing the shortage? It may have started with more people wanting to arm themselves after the Connecticut school shooting and accelerated with the resulting political battle after that.

"With the talk of assault weapons bans and stuff like that, that tends to hype it up a little bit more and tends to get people more in a frenzy buying ammo and just holding onto it," said Joseph Williamson, one of the associates at the store.

Workers at Stoudt's said it has become an issue of hype, demonstrating the law of supply and demand and that eventually supply will catch up.

So what is the supposed motivation behind a government hoarding of ammunition? Some said it's because the government is preparing for a total collapse in the country.

"The whole mumbo jumbo about the conspiracy theories," said Williamson. "It's just not true."

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