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Dead opossum found in Harrisburg day care

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The state Department of Agriculture is testing an opossum that was found dead on a toy shelf Tuesday morning in the Auditor General Child Care Center in Harrisburg.

Hildebrandt Learning Centers, which operates the day care center in the Finance Building, has notified parents of the discovery.

Tara Kollas said her two children attend the daycare, and she was impressed by how quickly she was notified.

"We got a call and it explained what was happening and who was in what room and where exactly it happened and that they were cleaning the place," she said.

Center officials said children were moved to the young toddler room from the older toddler room, where the deceased possum was discovered, and all children's hands were washed.

The older toddler room will not be used until all soft materials have been thrown out and the classroom has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, officials said.

Center officials said Department of General Services personnel believe they have determined how the animal got into the day care and were making repairs.

According to Troy Thompson, Spokesperson for the PA Dept. of General Services, the animal will be tested for diseases, and staff members are working to determine how it made its way inside.

"Parents should rest assured that we are doing everything within our capabilities to make sure this doesn't happen again and to get the area sanitized and to make sure the environment is safe for their children," he said.

There have been no indications from children or staff that the animal was touched, officials said.

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