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Report: Kids are the most dangerous driving distraction

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A recent Australian report highlighted by ABC World News indicated that children could be the worst driving distraction on the road.  Many midstate parents agreed.

Many admitted driving with kids can be a hassle; they make demands and even give their own driving tips.

"(My son says) 'mommy go faster, go faster, go faster," Carlisle parent Connie Seversen said.

And kids don't often hesitate to voice their concerns.

"Loud screaming can throw you off sometimes," Harrisburg parent Ann Snyder said.

The Australian research said that driving with children is 12 times more distracting than talking on a cell phone.

AAA found that babies are 8 times more distracting to drivers than adults.

We found out many area parents have their own ways of turning the crankiest passenger into a happy backseat camper.

Some pop in a DVD.  Others get a little more creative to help stay focused on the road.

"I ask him what road signs we are coming up on next. I ask him what he is seeing...kind of getting him more occupied and more focused," Seversen said.

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