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Carlisle hospital cited by Pa. Health Dept.

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Carlisle Regional Medical Center has been cited by the Department of Health.

According to the report, the Department of Health conducted an unannounced on-site visit at the hospital on February 4 and a review of hospital documents and medical records determined staff failed to fully complete patient documentation. The report indicates 7 of the 11 medical records reviewed was incomplete.

"We found they were in violation of one of our rules and regulations and it was one of the more minor infractions. The hospital has set a plan of correction into action. The Department of Health is happy with that plan and we are no longer concerned with the citation," Health Department spokeswoman Kait Gillis said.

Carlisle Regional Medical Center has taken several public hits over the last year. In May, an unannounced inspection by the Department of Health revealed 19 patients walked out of the emergency room without being treated. In December, they received national attention when former doctors told 60 Minutes they were pressured to meet a quota and admit patients for profit.

"The Department of Health takes every infraction seriously, but on the grander scale of things this is of lesser severity. Not as much to be concerned about as previous infractions," said Gillis.

Carlisle Regional Medical Center released the following statement:

"At Carlisle Regional Medical Center, our number one priority is providing outstanding service and quality care to our patients. We immediately put a plan of correction in place to address the Pennsylvania Department of Health findings on February 4, and that plan is currently being carried out today. This plan was in no way connected with any other improvement plans at our hospital. Like other hospitals, we have a philosophy of continuous improvement and value our partnership with the Department of Health in implementing that philosophy. We will continue to work closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to ensure the delivery of high-quality health care to our community," said Carolyn Moore, Director of Marketing and Business Development Carlisle Regional Medical Center.

As part of their plan of correction, Carlisle Regional Medical Center has developed two new policies and is providing education for medical staff. The hospital must also conduct weekly audits of medical surgical charts until they reach 90 percent compliance for three consecutive weeks.

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