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Students react to gay-straight alliance controversy

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A school board controversy almost reached the courts yesterday, after the The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania threatened to sue the Chambersburg School Board if it didn't change its stance on a gay-straight alliance club.

It's a group Sophie Hawley joined last year, after hearing a nasty comment directed at another student.

"Not a lot of people knew about it, I don't think. We called it the GSA and just a couple of people showed up," Hawley said. "It's a club for people to feel comfortable."

Fellow high school student Cory King fells the same way.

"If they have a bible club why can't they have it, because school is not religious affiliated so why are they allowed to have that club and not this club? " King said.

Following the ACLU's threat of legal action against Chambersburg School District leaders, board members have decided to reopen the issue.

The district gave permission to the GSA club to gather at the school until next Wednesday, at which time the school board will address the topic at its board meeting.

The ACLU reported that the club will receive the same rights and privileges as other clubs until a decision is reached.

The district said the topic will be addressed as "old business" by the school board.

As a result, the ACLU agreed to not file legal action. The school board still needs to approve the GSA at next Wednesday's meeting to avoid legal action entirely.

If the board again votes to deny the club, the ACLU told abc27 it will file a lawsuit.

The Chambersburg Area School District has not commented on the issue.

The board meeting is scheduled for March 27 at 7 p.m.

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