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Pa. lawmaker wants bill to protect Lottery

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A state senator has introduced legislation to prevent political and financial influence in a privately managed Pennsylvania Lottery.

Sen. Rob Teplitz (D-Dauphin/York) said his legislation would implement the same protections as the state's Gaming Act.

"If the governor is going to continue to pursue privatizing the management of the lottery, it is imperative that protections be put in place right away in order to prevent the parties involved from acting inappropriately," Teplitz said in a news release Wednesday.

Teplitz said his legislation, Senate Bill 772, would modify the state's Lottery Law to prohibit a private management company, management level employees, or any of its subsidiaries from making political contributions or giving gifts to any political candidate, state party, or organization that makes donations to a candidate.

He said the bill also would prohibit any executive level public employee, public official, party officer, or any of their immediate family members from being employed by or holding a financial interest in the private manager of the Pennsylvania Lottery or any of the manager's subsidiaries during their time of employment, and for one year beyond the termination of their employment.

Teplitz said in addition, his bill would fix a significant current issue in the Ethics Act by exempting current lottery employees who would otherwise be barred from working for the private manager for one year.

Finally, he said the bill would require the chief executive of the management company to provide an annual certification that proper safeguards have been put in place to ensure that these prohibitions have been met.

"The Pennsylvania Lottery provides steady revenue to programs that benefit older Pennsylvanians, so it's important that the integrity of the lottery is upheld no matter who is at the helm," Teplitz said. "These safeguards will ensure transparency and openness if our lottery is privately managed."

Governor Tom Corbett recently announced that he is revising the lottery vendor contract with Camelot Global Services as a result of Attorney General Kathleen Kane's decision to reject the previous contract with the British firm.

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