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Mayor's 'scumbag from Perry County' comment draws outrage

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Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson is receiving backlash for a remark she made during a news conference concerning recycling initiatives in the city.

"We're not opening up our flood gates for, you know, some scumbag that comes from Perry County who got the money and pocketed it, and comes here and wants to dump it for free," Thompson said.

Immediately following abc27's 6 p.m. broadcast, phones began ringing and social media sites lit up with comments from midstaters who did not appreciate the mayor's statement.

"She could have just said she doesn't want anyone from other areas thinking they will get a free place to unload there trash," said one woman on Facebook. "I feel she owes the people an apology."

Others called it "unprofessional" and "devoid of class."

"For her to call us names on live TV, it upset me," Newport resident Toby Meyer said.

State Representative Mark Keller (R-Perry) contacted abc27 News about the incident. He said his home phone and legislative email are "blowing up," and he feels an apology is in order.

"I take offense to that comment," Keller said. "It is so far out of line. It's totally ridiculous. We need to see Mayor Thompson issue some type of apology. This is totally uncalled for."

Duncannon's mayor Kraig Nace said he agrees that an apology is in order.

"When you make a brazen attack like that and words that are so inappropriate and so offensive to people's homes and people's lives and people's families, it's going to be very personal," Nace said. "I think especially in a city with so many problems, and so many obvious problems throughout the community, you would be a little more humble and focus on the issues that are substantial."

Thompson's former spokesman and campaign manager Bob Philbin has not yet returned a call for comment.

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