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What you need to know about horrific basketball injury

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Have you seen the horrific video of the Louisville basketball player breaking his leg on Sunday night?

If you haven't, viewer discretion is advised because you won't forget it. The injury was extremely graphic and severe.

It was all the talk at L.A. Fitness in Camp Hill.

"I don't want to replay it," one man said. 

Doctors all over the country said what happened to University of Louisville guard Kevin Ware was unusual. However, the undetected stress fractures that may have played a role in the horrific injury are much more common. 

A stress fracture, an injury that occurs over time when the bone's build-up cannot keep up with the breakdown, happen fairly often in young athletes. The stress fractures can vary in severity. It's a type of fracture, so it weakens the bone, doctors said. And it may have played a role for Ware on Sunday.

"The first thing you wonder is how could it be such a severe fracture just from landing awkwardly like he did, " Dr. Matthew Kelly said.

Kelly is a surgeon with the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania.

He is not connected to Ware's care, but he believes a stress fracture may have played a role.

So now is as good time to remind parents, coaches and athletes that if you're feeling long-term pain in your bones, you might want to take it easy and have a doctor check it out.

"If you don't listen to the warning sings, then it can become something more severe," Kelly said. "I think you have to learn to listen to your body as you train and don't over train. "

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