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Could U.S. air carriers adopt pay-what-you-weigh pricing?

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If you thought paying extra for your luggage on a flight was bad, one airline is charging by how much you weigh.

It's simple: the more you weigh, the more you pay. Samoa Air is the first airline to implement it. Right now, it only operates small 10-seater planes in the South Pacific. Once they arrive at the airport, customers are weighed along with their luggage.

This has some wondering if this policy will make its way to larger airlines here in the United States.

"Weight plays a huge role on those aircraft," said Scott Miller with Harrisburg International Airport, "I think in that case it makes some sense. In terms of domestic, international in the U.S., it would be a difficult thing to do across the board."

Miller calls it a logistical nightmare to weigh every passenger on a flight, but others say it's just a matter of time.

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