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State Legislature Votes on Governor's Amendments



Richmond, VA - It was a busy day for the state legislature Wednesday as they gathered for a one day reconvened session.

They looked at Governor McDonnell's amendments to 80 bills and his six vetoes.

The big bills they covered are as follows:

The General Assembly accepted the governor's amendment denying abortion coverage to people who buy policies through Virginia's federally funded health insurance exchange.

McDonnell's amendment to the House Bill passed easily in the House.

In the senate, it passed by just one vote.

The General Assembly also adopted the governor's amendments to his transportation funding bill.

The package will raise more than a Billion dollars a year from statewide and regional funding sources to address a growing backlog of deferred highway projects.

One of the amendments trims an annual fee on hybrid and alternative fuel cars from $100 to $64.

The governor also scaled back a vehicle titling tax increase.

The General Assembly also approved the governor's proposal to scale back the hefty fines they passed for texting while driving.

Current fines are $20 for a first offense and $50 for a second.

As passed, the bill increased those fines to $250 and $500.

It also set a $500 minimum fine for a conviction for reckless driving while texting.

McDonnell's amendments would reduce each of those fines by half. 


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