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Pa. senators unveil reform measures

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Two Pennsylvania senators are proposing a package of legislation that would prohibit elected officials from accepting gifts from companies that do business with the state, and force lawmakers and others to go without pay if they can't get a budget passed on time.

Sens. Mike Stack (D-Philadelphia) and John Eichelberger (R-Blair) said their bills would hold elected officials more accountable to Pennsylvania citizens.

One measure, Senate Bill 757, would suspend the salaries of the governor, lieutenant governor, cabinet members, and legislature when a state budget is not passed by the June 30 deadline.

Senate Bill 758 would prohibit the governor, lieutenant governor and executive agency employees from accepting gifts and favors from companies that do business with the state.

Senate Bill 750, would require state legislators and members of the executive office to report all gifts, meals, travel, and entertainment of $50 or more, up from the current limit of $250.

Senate Bill 751 would prohibit lobbyists from owning a portion of a gaming license, and Senate Bill 752 would prohibit a registered lobbyist from acting as a campaign manager or political consultant for a state office candidate.

Other measures would require vendor scores to be automatically posted when a contract is awarded, mandate vendors' and contractors' political contribution reports, and require contractors to identify the subcontractors they employ.

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