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Settlement reached in CD teachers' grievance

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The Central Dauphin School District has reached a settlement with the teachers union over a grievance filed over last year's teacher furloughs. The school board approved the settlement Monday night.

The Central Dauphin Education Association had filed a grievance that had asked for all furloughed teachers to be reinstated with full back pay and benefits. The matter went to an arbitrator, who was able to fashion a compromise that satisfied the district and the union.

"It was one of those things where each party gets something," said Georgia Smee, co-president of the C.D. Education Association. "Nobody walks away with everything they want, but at least it was something."

"I think the nature of a settlement agreement is that there is give and take and there is compromise reflected in the written agreement," said school board president Ford Thompson.

The union withdrew its claim for a full-scale recall. Of the 56 teachers that were eventually furloughed, 20 remain on the recall list. Others have either been recalled to full-time jobs or have taken jobs somewhere else.

As part of the new agreement, all teachers who remain on the recall list have the option of either getting $15,000 in severance pay and walking away, or getting $18,000 for training courses while remaining on the recall list.

"At least it gives them something," said Smee. "It allows them actually to go back to school and get certified in an area where they can possibly and where there would be an opening that they could come back and take a job like that."

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