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Local gun dealer questions Toomey legislation

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A prominent local gun dealer said the bill proposed by Pa. Senator Pat Toomey is pretty much in line with how things are done already in Pennsylvania.

Joe Staudt, the owner of Staudt's Gun Shop, has been following the entire gun control debate closely. He was concerned about what might be in the new legislation proposed by Toomey.

"One of his aides when I called the office...he said basically what it's doing is it's expanding what Pennsylvania does throughout the whole country," Staudt said.

On Wednesday, Toomey announced a deal with Democratic colleague Joe Manchin of West Virginia on expanding background checks to more gun buyers.

The checks would now apply to commercial sales, such as transactions at gun shows and online. The sales would have to be channeled through licensed firearms dealers, who would have to keep records of the transactions.

But Staudt thinks each state should be able to do as it sees fit. If people don't like the laws in one particular state, they can always decide to relocate, he said. He believes it's more difficult when a federal law is imposed.

"There is that creep. And when the federal government does it, then the states can't pick and choose what they want to do and what works for their state," he said. "Legislators feel like they need to do something whenever there's a tragedy like we had in Newtown, and unfortunately it is usually the law-abiding citizens that bear the brunt of that legislation."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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