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TMI drill set for Tuesday

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Operators of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant plan to conduct a safety drill Tuesday to evaluate their emergency plan.

Exelon spokesman Ralph DeSantis said the preparedness exercise will involve the participation of police and emergency responders with a 10-mile radius of TMI, and simulated scenarios to test plant personnel and offsite emergency organizations.

The safety drills are conducted every two years, but Tuesday's exercise will be the first scenario based on a hostile action against the power plant, rather than equipment failure.

"So this scenario is directed toward law enforcement and response, so it will involve people who traditionally are not involved in our exercises," DeSantis said.

Residents near Three Mile Island may see emergency vehicles staged in the area or hear public address announcements from the plant, but offsite emergency sirens will not be used, DeSantis said.

The three- to six-hour exercise will begin in the afternoon and end in the evening.

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