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Al Gnoza: When terror hits close to home

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For me, word of the explosions at the Boston Marathon brought about a fair amount of anxiety.

My brother, Keith, lives relatively close to where the bombing took place in Boston and he frequently walks through the area. At one point, he had even worked in a building that was a block away from where the explosion occurred.

My mom quickly found out that he was okay and then called me to let me know.

I talked with him Monday night to find out what was going through his mind and what was happening in his neighborhood.

"A lot of sirens going on," he said late Monday afternoon. "Cops, cop cars, fire trucks back and forth."

Keith said many of his neighbors have been helping runners who have been kept out of their hotel rooms that are in the bombing zone.

He also said at this point he's not afraid of other bombs going off.

"I'm not. I did hear a lot of rumors like people calling in bomb scares because of the crazies who react," he said. "I'm not really so much worried as trying to figure out who did it."

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