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Counties around TMI practice 'worst case scenario' drill

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Fifteen miles south of Three Mile Island, a command center was taking shape.  

"In terms of the details, what exactly will happen, when it will start, we don't know," said Carl Lindquist, spokesman for York County.  

Like something out of a movie, the people inside were gearing up for an armed terrorist attack or perhaps an airplane strike that could cause a radiation leak at the plant. 

"From our standpoint, it is a live incident. We play it like it's a live incident," said Lindquist.  

York is one of five counties participating in the nation's first "hostile action" drill of its kind. Emergency crews, even school districts within a 10-mile radius are involved

"This year, it is based on a hostile action, so this scenario is directed toward law enforcement and response," said Three Mile Island spokesperson, Ralph DeSantis, "It will involve people who traditionally are not involved in our exercises."

abc27 cameras were allowed inside before the start of the drill, but once it began the doors of York and neighboring county emergency centers closed, and about 40 people went into action, all under individual roles. 

"What people don't think about when you have a disaster of any kind whether it's Sandy, Lee or something at TMI, there are costs involved, there are people, there's overtime," said Lindquist.  

That means subject matter experts played a crucial part. A finance/cost player, an agricultural representative who knows how radiation affects livestock, those are just two of many examples. 

"Our goal is to go through the entire thing without knowing what we are going to face, like we would in a real life situation," added Lindquist. 

The drill was set to wrap up sometime Tuesday evening. The results of it will be shared Friday afternoon.

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