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Boston bombings spur security change at local event

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Security plans have been changed for Mechanicsburg's Jubilee Day in the wake of the bombings that killed three people and wounded more than 170 at the Boston Marathon.

Mechanicsburg Police Chief David Spotts did not reveal what changes would take place, but said Wednesday that his department would work with county and federal authorities to make sure the thousands of visitors to the annual event are safe.

Jubilee Day organizers added that it's important for people to not let anything stop them from coming out to the event scheduled for June 20.

"We have to continue doing what we do," said Jeff Palm, executive director of the Mechanicsburg Chamber of Commerce. "If we don't, then the people who put on acts of terror or violence or that type of thing end up winning. So, we have to continue what we do. That's what makes small time America what it is."

The Harrisburg Senators minor league baseball team is also taking preventative measures. Team officials said Wednesday that there will be increased security at the front gates.

Carlisle Events said it worked out a security plan for the Spring Carlisle collector car swap meet before the bombings at the marathon finish line. The five-day event is scheduled to begin April 24.

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