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Funeral home items hit auction block

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A Lancaster County funeral home business owner charged with several crimes is losing his business bit by bit.

Police said they found decomposing bodies inside Gundel Funeral Home. Owner Ben Siar is also accused of selling life insurance policies to dozens of people and pocketing their payments. In all, police said Siar stole more than $180,000.

Now the bank has told Siar to sell everything in his business.

As such, an auction held on Wednesday sold more than 1,000 items, from lawn mowers, to furniture, and antiques, to urns, caskets and hearses.

One bidder, Robert Zercher, was at the auction to bid on something very personal. His family opened the funeral home 99 years-ago. They sold it to the Gundels, who sold it to Siar.

Zercher hoped to buy a couple of signs from the original Zercher funeral home, but someone outbid him.

Although Zercher was disappointed, he said his loss was not as bad as what Siar's alleged victims and the Gundel family suffered.

"It's just a shame because funeral homes have a good reputation. It's just a shame their name was drug through this situation too," said Zercher.

The auction brought in more than $50,000.

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