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Victim's fiance gives firsthand account of police-involved crash

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Authorities say a wanted man was eluding Harrisburg police when he careened into a K-9 vehicle at 6th and Forrest streets, causing it to flip on its roof.

The police SUV was launched into the air, landing on bystander Selina Martin. Her fiance, Barry Haywood, was with Martin at the time of the crash and gave abc27 a firsthand account.

"I was running to where my fiance was at. She started hollering, and I said, 'Where you at, where you at?' I came down the steps, and she was pinned underneath the police car, the police SUV."

Haywood tried to pull his fiance from beneath the wreckage but couldn't.

"I touched her leg, because she was in shock, so she says, 'Get me out.' I had my hand on her. I came to where she was at, hand on her to get her to calm down," he said.

Haywood then had to step aside and watch firefighters rescue Martin. While crews were helping rescue her, witnesses say police also apprehended the man they were pursuing.

One of the police officers, Daniel Peiper, was flown to Hershey Medical Center with serious injuries. He is in critical condition.

His K-9, Thor, had a bruised spleen at Rossmoyne Animal Hospital, but authorities told abc27 that he'll be okay.

Haywood told us that his fiance's injuries are also very serious.

"The car crushed her, crushed her heart, crushed her lungs, messed her spleen up, and crushed her pelvis. She's gotta get her pelvis rebuilt, so she's in bad condition, messed up for the rest of her life," Haywood said.

Reports indicate that Martin's heart is pumping like it should, but she has a long recovery ahead of her.

Dauphin County prosecutors identified the suspect in this case as Christopher Slaughter of Harrisburg. They said he was eluding police, though the reason is unknown. Officers also found cocaine in his car at the crash site.

Slaughter was injured in the crash, but not seriously. Police said he is currently in prison, and more charges are pending.

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