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Michael - 4/10/13

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This week's Val's Kid, Michael, is a fan of sports, Especially football.

"I'm a huge New York Yankees Fan...I like football I like the Philadelphia Eagles "said Michael. On this day, he gets to play with free agent Michael Cox. The former Red Land High School football start, former Atlanta Falcon, now free agent who gives back to his community often visits the children's home where the teen lives. "He's a fun loving kid and has a heart of gold. He's a great kid" said Michael Cox. A great kid who needs a great adoptive home. Michael's been in the foster care system for years, mostly living in a group setting. " 

It's been tough for him again he's been here for a very long time. We are looking for an active family for him someone who can keep up with him play baseball, football and someone who will help  him learn how to be more independent and learn the life skills he needs to move forward" said his Adoption Worker Katie Juliana. "Just one that would support me and be there" added Michael. A family that likes to joke. April First is Michael's favorite holiday.

"Yeah I got somebody with a snake..a fake snake and put it up near them they freaked out." said Michael. However, this jokester is serious when it comes to his future. "I am thinking about going to college to be a character animator" said Michael.

But first, he needs to become part of a permanent team. "I hope for Michael is that he finds a family that reminds him what it's like to be part of a family" said Juliana.

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