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Lebanon Co. students exercise unique way to get fit

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The gymnasium stands empty during physical education class at Northern Lebanon Middle School. That's because gym class has been taken out of the gym to the outdoors.

Students ride tricycle-looking devices called street striders.

"They are an elliptical on wheels. That's probably the easiest I can explain it. It is a pushing of your arms. Pushing and pulling. And then a pedaling of your feet," said Holly Plummer, a physical education teacher at Northern Lebanon Middle School.

"It's a little difficult at first, but it's not that hard. It's pretty fun too because you get to go outside and ride around the campus," said Truman Henne, and eighth grader.

Plummer said that is the point.

"Not just, 'Oh gosh, we have to go to phys-ed class and take half an hour and 45 minutes to do this.' I want them to learn it and love it," Plummer said.

With the street striders, Northern Lebanon Middle School is strides ahead in physical education.

"I don't know of any surrounding schools that have these," said Plummer. "I would tell the other school districts please look into the grant money, try to be an advocate for kids trying new things."

Plummer has been a middle school physical education teacher for 21 years. She said she knows it takes a lot of momentum to keep students entertained. That is why she worked hard to get enough grant money for the street striders.

"They have no idea that they're learning about all of these different things. At the very end or in the middle of class we'll start bringing up some points," said Plummer. "They just love to be outdoors, love to be active and that's probably the most important."

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