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Seized drug money used to buy new patrol cars

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The Cumberland County Drug Task Force is cracking down on crime and Carlisle is benefiting in more ways than one: money seized in a major drug bust has been used to buy two new police cars.  

Last summer, police busted two deli owners in Carlisle for using their shops as fronts to sell drugs. Police seized the business as well as nearly half a million dollars in cash and drugs.

"[The investigation] was taking up a lot of time and manpower from police," said Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed. "Frankly this seizure of the synthetic drugs was about the last straw."

Now, good is coming from the bad. Rashid Houggarti has been in this country for 16 years and is proud to call Carlisle home. He bought one of the deli's from the district attorney. 

The cash seized has to go back into drug investigations, so the Carlisle Police Department purchased two new cars.

"This is a substantial contribution to the borough of Carlisle and our borough budget quite frankly," said Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson. "It gives us more breathing room and is greatly appreciated."

Freed says tough sentences aren't the only way to keep drug dealers away.

"We take their cars, we take their cash, we take their big screen TVs," he said, "I love nothing more than taking their big screen TVs."

Houggarti agrees, and says his new business is good for the neighborhood.

"I'm not dealing with any drug activity, I don't want nothing around my store about drugs," he said. "It will be a clean and safe store for my community."

Rashid plans to open his shop during the fourth of July weekend. The other deli was also sold and has new owners.

The two owners charged in the bust last summer both pleaded guilty and are behind bars.

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