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Woman dies 10 months after crash, man charged with homicide

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Andrew Kegg (submitted) Andrew Kegg (submitted)
Jordan Johnston and her sister Jordan Johnston and her sister
Jordan Johnston Jordan Johnston
Johnston's car after the crash Johnston's car after the crash
Jordan Johnston was in a coma for months Jordan Johnston was in a coma for months

She was just driving home from work when the life of a young Dauphin County woman was forever changed last summer.

Recently, her life came to a tragic end. Ten months after the crash, police have now charged a man for killing 22-year-old Jordan Johnston.

Her sisters have hundreds of photos of Johnston, Paytyn and Cheyanne Johnston looked over them Wednesday afternoon and reminisced about good times they spent with big sister.

"Every step she took she wanted to take 20 pictures, 30 pictures," said Paytyn.

Cheryl Johnston, Jordan's mom also took time to gaze at the photos of her daughter. She described her as fun-loving, looking at a photo of the girls dancing in the snow in shorts and pajamas.

It's evident that these are the photos the three focus on. The photos hidden on Paytyn's cell phone, the ones of Jordan's car after the crash, bring too much pain.

"We never thought in a million years that this could happen," said Cheryl.

Images from that night on June 16, 2012 show a mangled black car that looks like a crushed soda can. That's the car Cheryl said Jordan was driving that night when she left her job at Comfort Inn in the Shipoke neighborhood of Harrisburg.

Jordan suffered in critical condition for months. Her mother said Jordan lost nearly all brain activity.

"She could do a thumbs up, thumbs down. She could blink when you asked her questions. But, she couldn't talk," she said.

The family became accustomed to a routine of several daily visits, appointments and hospital transfers based on her condition at the time. Paytyn explained her sister slipped in-and-out of a coma. However, despite a grim prognosis by every doctor and specialist, the family fought – and so did Jordan.

In December, abc27 helped promote the "Jammin' for Jordon" fundraiser. Family members put the money towards a hyperbaric chamber. The equipment helps circulate 100 percent oxygen to the body with the goal of helping her recover more quickly.

Paytyn said just recently in March and April, she noticed progress.

But on the morning of Saturday, April 13 Paytyn took a phone call asking family members to come to the specialty center in Palmyra.

"For her to sit there and not respond to me -- for what I've been used to for 10 months … it was just unreal, ya know," said Paytyn. "She's gone … there's a piece of me missing."

Johnston passed away that day. Five days later, police arrested 30 year-old Andrew Kegg and charged him with homicide by vehicle. According to court documents obtained by abc27, the report revealed Kegg's blood alcohol level (BAC) was .220 that night – nearly three times the legal limit. The report stated Kegg also tested positive for THC – marijuana.

Unfortunately, the Johnston family was unaware of Kegg's recent arrest. However, the family was familiar was aware of what Kegg had done since the crash last June.

"He's been walking around [while] my daughter's been fighting for her life," said Cheryl.

Paytyn added, "[Jordan] couldn't live her life, but [Kegg] could. Who's to say there wasn't a chance he could do it again in those 10 months?"

Kegg's background records show he was arrested for DUI in 2007. Court documents showed he was convicted on two counts of DUI because of high level of alcohol in his system at the time.

Cheyanne, currently in eighth grade, was disgusted that a 30 year-old would continue to make decision when she knows not to do.

"He should know better not to do that. That's a stupid idea," she said. "But, he wasn't thinking."

The family admitted they are angry. However, instead of pain and anger they say they focus on keeping Jordan's memory alive.

They do this by looking at photos. Cheryl, Paytyn, and Jordan's father, Donald each have tattoos in honor of the one they miss so much.

While Kegg waits for his day in court, he sits in prison accused of causing Jordan's death. Paytyn summed up this tragic story best by saying,

"It's not right that I have to go spend the days with [Jordan] at a grave."

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