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Cyber student not allowed to attend prom

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Eleanor Lohry, 18, already has the dress and the shoes, but the West Shore School District is not allowing the cyber student to attend Cedar Cliff High School's prom.

The Lemoyne teenager attended Cedar Cliff High School her Freshman year, but after several medical issues caused her to fall behind in classes, her family decided it was best she try cyber schooling.

For the past three years Eleanor has been a student with Connections Academy, a public cyber school. She will be graduating this June.

"I was looking forward to prom. It is the one thing the other seniors and I can celebrate and get a sense of accomplishment out of what we have done and worked so hard to get, " said Eleanor Lohry.

The Lohry family says the West Shore School District told Eleanor she could attend the prom but then called to say she was not allowed to attend.

"They wont allow my daughter to attend prom because she is a cyber student," said Tony Lohry, Eleanor's father. "She is supposed to be able to attend all school activities, and this is a school activity."

Tony Lohry says he has made several calls to the school district, local representatives and even the Governor's office looking for help.

According to the Department of Education, the Charter School Law requires school districts to allow their resident students who are enrolled in a cyber charter school to participate in any extracurricular activity if the student is able to fulfill all the requirements of participation in such activity, and the cyber charter school does not provide the same extracurricular activity.

The West Shore School District says prom does not fall under the law.

"As a social event prom is not open to the public," said Ryan Argot, West Shore School District spokesman.

"The West Shore School District High Schools hosts proms for the benefit of our students. Students who are eligible to attend prom are able to bring a guest by purchasing an additional ticket and securing administrative approval. These guests are permitted even if the guests are not students attending either high school."

Tony Lohry says the school is breaking the law.

"The law is clear, anything that the school is involved in so is my daughter. They are discriminating against her. They are saying they have some policy. I don't understand how policy supercedes the law," said Ton Lohry.

Eleanor is hoping the school has a change of heart before the prom, which will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Camp Hill on Saturday.

"I do not understand why I am not allowed to go. I am supposed to be allowed to do all school activities, functions, and events. They said I could go to the homecoming dance, but I had to work. If I could go to homecoming, why not prom? Just because I am not a student is not a good enough answer for me," said Eleanor Lohry.

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