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Family offers reward in disappearance of Glen Rock man

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The family of a 53-year-old man missing from Glen Rock since April 24 is offering a reward for information in his disappearance, according to Southern Regional Police Chief James Boddington.

Boddington said Thomas Augustyniak left his rural Glen Rock home for a walk around 6:15 a.m. on April 24. He left a note on the kitchen table that said, "Hey, I'm going for a walk" and signed it with a smiley face.

Augustyniak's family has not seen him since. They have not specified how much the reward for information is.

Boddington said Augustyniak left with a pack of cigarettes and a lighter but without his wallet or cellphone.

He said that, while adults are allowed to disappeared if they want, he is concerned because some of the circumstances seem out of the ordinary -- such as the fact that Augustyniak left his wallet.

On April 25, search teams conducted an exhaustive search around Augustyniak's home and property but didn't find him. Boddington said the area was rugged and he was afraid Augustyniak had fallen during his walk and couldn't get up or had some other type of medical emergency.

But authorities later found surveillance video showing that Augustyniak had left his property: video shows him walking down Main Street in Glen Rock.

Augustyniak doesn't have any known health or mental health problems but did recently have surgery for a hernia. Boddington said they were able to use Augustyniak's recent surgery to register him in a federal missing persons database so they will be notified if he shows up out-of-state.

Boddington said that while there is no indication of foul play, it's always something he worries about.

"You always keep it in the back of your mind but there's not tangible information that would lead us to that regard," he said.

Boddington said he delayed a planned vacation to lead the search for Augustyniak. He said officers were working double shifts and overtime to assist as well.

Blood hounds and a state police helicopter also helped search the area around Augustyniak's home.

Boddington said they ended the search and rescue on Thursday because they had exhausted the area around his house and had no further leads on where Augustyniak could have been. They also hiked several miles of the Rail Trail, which Augustyniak liked to walk, to search for him.

Police have received several tips from members of the public who believe they saw Augustyniak but none that have turned into any good leads. The department is still investigating but not engaging in an active search.

Augustyniak was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket and white leather sneakers.

Anyone who has had contact with Augustyniak since April 24, or believes they may have seen him, is asked to call the Southern Regional Police Department at 717-235-3944.

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