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Midstaters say goodbye to Bishop McFadden

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Bishop Joseph McFadden's body is back in Harrisburg, lying in repose inside St. Patrick Cathedral.

Prayer cards were handed out at Bishop McFadden's reception. Below his picture was the phrase he was known for; "Pray for me as I pray for you."

"When I saw that picture today, I thought, 'I'm so glad they put that on there.' Because he said it every time. Everything he ended, he ended with that," said Ann Marie Lapkowicz, a parishioner at Holy Name of Jesus.

Midstaters filled the cathedral Sunday night to pray for Bishop McFadden one last time. Parishioners said he was a leader who knew how to relate to them.

"I was on Facebook with him," said Lapkowicz.

"He was a people's priest. He wanted to be with the people and he always simplified issues for us. He was very, very easy to relate to," said Oonagh Kersey. 

Kersey came all the way from Philadelphia to pay her respects to Bishop McFadden, the man who married her and baptized her children.

"He's just been so influential in guiding us in a very, very faithful way," said Kersey.

"There was that intimate bond that he really cultivated that the people discerned and in the clergy, too," said Father John Trigilio of Our Lady of Council and Saint Bernadette's.

The clergy and parishioners alike gathered around Bishop McFadden's casket to say goodbye and give thanks for the man so many described as a father figure.

"He was such a gift to the diocese and he was only here such a short time. We are truly grateful to God for the time we had," said Lapkowicz.

Bishop McFadden's casket can be viewed through Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. inside St. Patrick Cathedral.

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