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Coroner, police dig for body in Harrisburg backyard

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For hours, authorities from Harrisburg and Dauphin County dug up a backyard near South 16th and Market Streets, searching for human remains. Nothing was found.

Investigators started digging around 8 a.m. and didn't stop until around 5 p.m. At times, officials used ground-penetrating radar and dug up to seven feet in some places.

Harrisburg police, Dauphin County Detectives, the Dauphin County Coroner and the Capital Area Forensics Unit conducted the dig. According to Harrisburg police, the search started after a woman, now in her 20's, claimed to have seen someone bury a body in the backyard nearly 20 years ago. The girl was four-years-old at the time of the potential incident, police said.

"We have to follow the lead," Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick said.

The search is not connected to any unsolved case from that time, according to Harrisburg Police Chief Pierre Ritter.

The search will resume Tuesday. Hetrick said they will also be removing a tree as part of their search. He said it's possible that the body was encased underground in the root structure of the tree as it grew.

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