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Candidate profile: Lewis Butts wants to be Harrisburg's mayor

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abc27 News is doing special features on the four candidates who are running in the upcoming primary election for Harrisburg mayor. All four are Democrats. The fifth candidate in the race is Nevin Mindlin, who is running as an independent and as a result will not be in a party primary.

In this installment. we feature Lewis Butts.

Butts says he's spent all 46 years of his life in Harrisburg and plans to spend the rest of years here as well. He appears upbeat and says he is always thinking about ways to make Harrisburg a better place.

"No one talks specifics, other than me, about what they would do to raise economic development in the city," Butts said.

Butts says the city has to be creative in raising money and he has many ideas he thinks would accomplish that. One of his favorite ideas is one that he attributes to some of the former mayors of Harrisburg; to build a hydro-electric dam on the Susquehanna River.

"We can make close to $250 million annually off the river running," Butts said.

Butts also says he would like to see a mall be built alongside the PennDOT building with 10 eateries and 20 retail stores. He wants to create the Harrisburg International Aquarium and he says that if he's elected mayor, he won't be ruling from the top down.

"A lateral type of leadership, in which using wifi, I can get the input from all the citizens to make the best decisions," he said.

Butts says he is good at talking with people and can find a common ground with anyone.

"I'm good at talking with my constituency, whether they're on the south end of Harrisburg, whether they're on the north end, Uptown area, whether they're on the Hill or in Midtown."

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