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Pa. bill seeks per diem reform

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A Pennsylvania legislator has introduced his bill to change the way state representatives are compensated for their travel, meals and lodging expenses.

Rep. Brad Roae (R-Crawford) said his measure would change the House rules governing so-called per diems; a set amount of money lawmakers can collect, without a receipt, if they spend a night away from home on official business.

Under Roae's bill, representatives who are not on a particular committee would be prevented from attending that committee's hearings or meetings just to receive a per diem. An exception would be made when the representative's legislation is the subject of the meeting.

No payment of per diems would be permitted for official holidays when the House is not in session and the Capitol complex staff is not at work, and payment of per diems for work done on Saturdays and Sundays would be restricted.

Representatives could put in for a per diem on a weekend if the House was in session the following day.

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