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Candidate Profile: Miller says bankruptcy remains the key to Harrisburg's recovery

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We continue our series featuring the Harrisburg mayoral candidates.

Dan Miller is a certified public accountant with the firm Miller, Dixon & Drake in Harrisburg. He has spent the last eight years serving the city, first as a councilman, then as city controller.

Miller says this election provides voters with a clear choice in what he considers the most important issue facing the city; how to resolve Harrisburg's huge financial problems.

"If you look at (Eric) Papenfuse and (Mayor Linda) Thompson, they both support the receiver's plan," Miller said. "I'm the one who's really opposed to the receiver's plan."

Miller is opposed to the receiver's plan because he thinks it will not work. He has long contended that bankruptcy is the only way to go.

"We need to hit the reset button and that's what bankruptcy will allow us to do," said Miller. "It will allow us to reduce the debt and renegotiate our union contracts so that when we come out of bankruptcy, we're in solid financial shape."

Miller says Harrisburg should have been in bankruptcy already.

"We're not in bankruptcy because the lobbyists have stopped it. The county has stopped it. The bond insurers have stopped it. And the Governor has stopped it. And they've stopped it because why? They want to reach in and take as much money out of Harrisburg as they can so that other candidates don't get any of it," Miller said.

Many candidates often do their own polls to find out how they are doing and what the electorate is thinking. Miller has been encouraged by what he has learned.

"We've done polling for six weeks and in every poll I'm leading," Miller said. "Thompson is second and Papenfuse is a distant third."

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