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Neighbors of homicide victim: police didn't respond to calls

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Several people in Harrisburg claim police took more than a day to respond to a shooting. On Thursday morning, police discovered a body inside an apartment.

"None of you have the [expletive] courage!," a woman was heard screaming Thursday morning outside the Harrisburg Park apartment complex.

A friend of the family told abc27 she was the mother of 25 year-old Robert Diggs, the body they say police discovered moments earlier.

Just before noon, the Dauphin County Coroner's Office hauled away a body that is believed to be that of Diggs. Emotions were raw. People were crying and yelling, at each other and at police.

Whitney Ritter, Diggs' fiancee, said she was stunned to get that terrible phone call.

"I'm so speechless right now," she said.

Ritter said she last spoke to her fiancee Tuesday night as he was having a small party inside his third-floor apartment on South 15th Street. She said this was not out of the ordinary, as Diggs often had get-togethers.

Ritter said she tried to call Diggs several times Wednesday and Thursday morning, but never got a response. At first, Ritter said she thought maybe he couldn't find cell service or a charger.

Ritter said her heart sunk when Diggs did something he never would do.

"He didn't pick my son up from school," she said, "I knew right then there something was wrong."

On Tuesday night, several neighbors said they heard gunshots. One neighbor told abc27 a call was made to police.

It was unclear if police responded Tuesday night.

The neighbor said two women called police several other times Wednesday, but officers did not respond.

Several neighbors and family members said someone physically went down to the police station to report that a body was to believed to be inside the apartment. Around 10 a.m. Thursday, a neighbor said investigators arrived.

Many were angry police did not listen sooner.

"This right here -- [this] community right here -- is senseless," said Sharita Pressley. "God forbid if a child was out here and one of them got murdered."

For hours, police investigated the apartment upstairs. Outside, it appeared two officers found evidence in a dumpster. A black garbage bag was put into a police unit.

Pressley said the police department's delayed response may have hurt the investigation. She said several times she felt let down by police and Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson.

"I feel as though if [Mayor Linda Thompson] wants to be re-elected she should make an effort to come out here and fix this community up, because this is senseless," Pressley said.

Harrisburg police have only confirmed authorities are investigating the city's eight homicide of 2013 and there is no known suspect.

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