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Locals react to festering IRS scandal

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The Commonwealth Foundation is a Conservative group, but that isn't why they object to the IRS and their targeting of conservative groups with extra scrutiny.

"It is unacceptable that the government is targeting groups based on their political beliefs," said Katrina Anderson, senior policy analyst and director of government affairs with the Commonwealth Foundation. "The IRS shouldn't target a group whether you're conservative or Democrat."

Anderson says the president and officials need to step up and get to the bottom of what happened.

"Americans need to know that their privacy isn't being threatened by partisan politics," she said. "So, it isn't enough the IRS has apologized. The responsible parties need to be held accountable."

No local tea party groups were subjects of the investigation, but local political activist Eric Epstein knows how it feels to be the target of an audit.

"It's happened to me," he said. "I have a non-profit group that was investigated and we fought it. We actually ended up winning, but we spent as much time and money to fight it as much as we did to win."

And Epstein agrees with Anderson that no matter what your beliefs are, that shouldn't get the IRS on your back. He understands keeping an eye on dangerous fringe groups, but in this case the IRS was the one on the fringe.

"The Tea Party is basic America," said Epstein. "This is what Americans are prepared to do: protest their government. You're not supposed to protest your government then wake up in the morning and have the government there in your bedroom."

"In a way for the Tea Party this is a blessing," he said. "This to re-energize everything they belief in. It should, because I think it reaffirms everything they said: the government is out of control and in this case they are."

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