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Will students turn backs on Corbett?

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Usually, it is an honor when a sitting governor gives a commencement speech. But at Millersville University, Gov. Tom Corbett's scheduled address is causing unrest with some soon-to-be graduates.

Many of them have said they do not agree with Corbett's cuts to education. But one student was so outraged, that he sent an email to his fellow seniors asking them to turn their back on Corbett during his speech. But will other graduates back the plan?

"When there might be family members in the stands that don't care about Corbett, they're just there to celebrate their son or daughter graduating, and there are students in the crowd who just don't care because this is our day to celebrate, don't ruin it for the rest of us." said Dylan Antonucci, who will graduate Saturday.

"Regardless of my opinions on the governor's previous actions, he's there representing being the governor and I think he deserves respect regardless of how I feel about it or what anybody else does," said Samantha Galvez, who will also be graduating.

Exactly how do students feel about Corbett that had them so fired up? They said it was his education cuts, which hit a nerve with Antonucci, who will be receiving his degree in education.

"Do I agree with his views and political positions? No. But at the same time, in the end, that day isn't about Governor Corbett, it's about all of the graduates of Millersville University achieving this accolade of their life," said Antonucci.

University officials said they will not be taking any action to prevent possible protests, but they have asked students to be respectful.

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