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Harrisburg mayoral candidates make final campaign push

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This weekend is the final push before primary election day on Tuesday. Democratic Harrisburg mayoral candidates were campaigning door to door in the city.

"What were doing is going through the neighborhoods door by door trying to create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for Tuesday," candidate Eric Papenfuse said.

Papenfuse was campaigning in the Camp Curtain area of Harrisburg Saturday morning. The local business owner said he had 35 volunteers canvassing other areas of the city. He talked about his vision for Harrisburg.

"There are so many more things that we can be doing in the city. It has not lived up to its potential. I am running because I want to bring people together and help Harrisburg recover," he said.

Dan Miller and his supporters were in the Uptown area Saturday afternoon encouraging people to go to the polls on Tuesday.

"I think people like someone who has integrity and has been honest and out there fighting for them for the past eight years like I have. That is what is going to win these votes," Miller said.

Miller told voters his is very different from his opponents.

"I am the only one fighting for the citizens of Harrisburg advocating against the receiver and his plan where they are trying to take the assets out of the city, give them to Wall Street and leave us with nothing. It is really a huge difference and I think the people that get that are going to vote for Dan Miller," he said.

Mayor Linda Thompson had several speaking engagements Saturday morning, but told abc27 she was heading out to talk to voters after her events.

"Being the mayor and being an incumbent in the race is a very delicate balance. I am asking for their vote to put me back in office for another four years so I can finish what I started," Thompson said.

An abc27 poll with Susquehanna Polling and Research shows a dead heat between Papenfuse and Miller. Twenty-three percent of those polled said they were still undecided.

Thompson said polls don't decide races -- voters decide races.

"When I first ran against an incumbent, Steve Reed, they said I was 19 percent behind in the polls two weeks out. I am not going to pay attention to the polls," Thompson said.

A fourth candidate, Lewis Butts, could not be reached for comment Saturday.

There are 28 polling places in Harrisburg. Polls open at 7:00 Tuesday morning and close at 8:00 Tuesday night.

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