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Carlisle to unveil urban redevelopment plans

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Carlisle has a unique opportunity on their hands. Three decommissioned industrial sites within borough limits means a lot of space that could be used for a lot of different things. To find out what, they turned to locals.

"There's a tremendous amount of momentum right now," said Borough Council President Perry Heath.

Momentum, because the borough needs to act fast. It's not often that 60 acres of space opens up within a downtown area.

"The whole redevelopment process had to do with our loss of our industries that used to occupy three predominant brownfield sites," said Heath.

Their plan is to turn this loss into a major gain.

The borough and county have been working together along with outside redevelopment contractors to devise a plan of how to best use the former International Automotive Components site, the former tire and wheel plant, and the grounds of Tyco Electronics.

They started by learning what the community didn't want.

"They are not advocates for re-using the sites for industrial purposes," said Heath.

As for what they do want?

"Personally I'd like a nice indoor shopping center," said long-time Carlisle resident Sharon Galbraith.

"They do want some mixed use retail," said Heath, who mirrored the wish list that Galbraith told abc27.

Both added the need for more housing and possibly even a hotel.

So what about the environment? These previous sites weren't exactly pumping out daisies.

"We seem to have more upper respiratory problems," said Galbraith, speaking for herself and her neighbors.

The county says this is something they have heard before, and they plan to act accordingly.

"These sites are being productively reused so that the environmental contamination is cleaned up and actively used for homes, businesses, and for other services that our residents need," said Kirk Stoner, Planning Director for Cumberland County.

The community meeting will be held Monday at the Carlisle Expo Center from 7-9 p.m.

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