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Daniels, Allatt have impressive election showing

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The mayoral race was the big story for Harrisburg on election night, but there were also four City Council seats being contested on the Democratic side.

Two of those seats were captured by incumbents Wanda Williams and Eugenia Smith. The other two were taken by a couple of newcomers, including Shamaine Daniels, who got more votes than anyone in any city race.

When Daniels got to the campaign reception she shared with Dan Miller and Ben Allatt Tuesday night, there was some good news waiting for her.

"When I arrived at the place, everyone was applauding," she said. "I wasn't sure why and they kept saying 'highest vote getter, highest vote getter.'"

Daniels was the top vote-getter in a Harrisburg City Council race that featured three incumbents. She said events over the last couple of years prompted her to run for the council.

"My home is now attached to two abandoned buildings and the infamous sinkhole was about a block and a quarter from my home, and I finally realized I just can't sit back and wait and hope that somebody will do the work," Daniels said. "I really need to get in there and do the work."

There was nobody running on the Republican side so the four winners from the primary are virtually assured of taking their seats when the current terms expire.

"I'm a really hard worker and I'm a little bit nerdy," said Daniels. "So, I'm just ready to start working right away."

It was a more nerve-wracking night for Ben Allatt, who was monitoring the returns that had him climb from the back of the pack to clinch the fourth and final spot.

"Like 7th to 6th to 5th and back to 4th," Allatt told us Wednesday night. "So, it was a little bit of a nail-biter, but I was really excited when it all came out in the end."

Allatt says he's been thinking for a while about what he would do if elected. He's ready to go.

"I'm grateful to the city of Harrisburg for voting me in," he said. "I realize that it was a very crowded field in the council race, so I'm honored to be one of the four selected to be able to represent the city."

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