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Gov. Corbett leads Gettysburg's 146th Memorial Day Parade

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One local veteran served as the Grand Marshall for Gettysburg's 146th annual Memorial Day parade—he also happens to be our Governor.

"This is a good place to be on Memorial Day of 2013," he said before kicking off the 2 p.m. event.

A good place, certainly, but is there any place else that might be a better place to celebrate and remember?

"Absolutely not," said Mike Stuller. "They fought for what they believed here, both sides."

The three beloved colors of this midstate town were illuminated with pride and gratitude Monday afternoon as hundreds lined Baltimore Street all the way down to the site of the Gettysburg Address.

"It's great to celebrate because it's a major part of history," said 11-year-old Tripp Staubb.

His mom Julie says it was important to bring her two sons to the parade: "To teach them about our history and just show appreciation for all that we have and how blessed we are to be free," she said.

Staubb keeps in mind the loss that so many mothers in this country have suffered so that she would not have to.

"It's incredibly overwhelming," said Staubb. "I get choked up even trying to imagine what they must have felt."

With cheerful flags waving, it is clear that these children at the holiday event have not, and hopefully will never, witness a war fought on American soil.

But as history comes alive in the streets, this national past doesn't seem so far away.

"Everything we have today we owe to them," Stuller added.

In just over a month that sad but important legacy will turn 150 years old.

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