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Residents fed up over tire slashings

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It's frustrating, inconvenient, costly and a group of city residents have had enough. They say a vandal spent part of the holiday weekend slashing car tires.

Neighbors say nearly 10 cars were hit on Saturday and Sunday nights, most vehicles were on Manada Street. Some cars had two tires slashed.

A neighbor said a few cars were also hit on Lenox Street.

"I just makes no sense for them to harm us like this," Rosemarie Patterson said. She told abc27 her car tire was slashed sometime Saturday night.

Her neighbor, Paul Stouffer had a spare on his car. He said he was targeted and to make matters worse he shelled out $700 for all new tires just two weeks ago.

"I was surprised that many people were affected by this," Stouffer said.

Their biggest worry is that the potential vandal may come back to do even more costly damage.

"I can't afford to be getting tires," Patterson said.

A group of residents in that area said they are now leaving their porch lights on all night and keeping a close eye on their cars. A handful said they will set up surveillance cameras outside their homes.

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