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Cantaloupe Festival Organizers Work Overtime Prepping for Rain


South Boston, VA - The organizers of the Virginia Cantaloupe Festival are taking the unpleasant weather in stride.

"We certainly can't control mother nature but what we can control are how we handle the effects," said Chairperson Kathy Farley. 

Large tents have been set up all over the Berry Hill property, and thanks to a last-minute contribution, those who want to dance under the stars won't have to get wet either.

"We have Dollar General that's donated a thousand ponchos, so we're doing everything we can to keep the people covered, " she said.

The festival will feature two live bands, but that brought up another concern for their equipment.

"The people can get wet but the equipment can't so we had to do something to make sure if we do have a downpour, the equipment will be inside and pretty well protected, " said volunteer Donald Ellington.

He was one of many volunteers who stayed late into the night in the pouring rain to build a covered stage where the bands will play.

With all the bases covered, Ellington says he's ready to join hundreds of others at the festival to have a good time.

"I've got a lot of friends coming. We're going to spend the night here at Berry Hill and it'll be a good evening, " he said. 

Farley says the rain is almost a relief compared to the record breaking temperatures they experienced last year, but no matter what mother nature throws their way, she says they try to be ready.

"We're prepared for the worst.  We're hoping for the best, " said Farley.

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