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Teacher arrested in drug raid wants job back

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A Boiling Springs High School teacher who has been on unpaid leave since a 2010 drug arrest is fighting to get his job back.

Shane Stought taught social studies and coached basketball before he was indicted by federal authorities for cocaine distribution.

His attorney, Karl Rominger, said Stought was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"He knew those people, went over to the house with a friend thinking they were going over to drink beer and watch the game, and when they got there, there was law enforcement already there," Rominger said.

At the time, authorities linked Stought to the drug raid through a text message, but Rominger said the charges were eventually dropped down to state court and Stought was given the option to undergo accelerated rehabilitative disposition (commonly referred to as ARD). He completed the program in April 2012, meaning his criminal record was wiped clean.

Tuesday night, Stought and Rominger were to take his case before a district disciplinary board, which is standard operating procedure for any staff member placed on leave, according to superintendent Dr. Patricia Sanker. What is unusual about this case, Sanker said, is that Stought requested the hearing be made public.

Dozens of Stought's friends in the community showed up to support him, but attorneys for both sides met behind closed doors and negotiated a tentative deal, the details of which won't be revealed until a future school board meeting. A specific date has not been set, Sanker said.

Bill Hartman, a father of two children in the district, said he doesn't believe Stought should get his job back because teachers are to be held at a higher standard.

"If he was in a location where things were going wrong, then he should have excused himself from that," Hartman said. " Although he may have paid his debt to society, is he someone I want my kids looking up to as a role model?"

Rominger said his client has always maintained his innocence, and deserves a second chance. He also had a message for any parents concerned about the 2010 arrest.

"I wouldn't take my kids to the White House Easter Egg Roll then, because every president of the last three have offered some prior drug use," he said.

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