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AAA: Hands-free phones not risk-free

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If you're calling, texting, emailing or browsing, a hands-free phone can help when you're behind the wheel - but a new study says the technology is more dangerous than first thought.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that when drivers use a hands-free device, their reaction time is slower, their brain function is compromised, and they miss potential hazards right in front of their vehicle.

"We want people to know that hands-free isn't necessarily risk free," said Shawn Kaup of AAA Central Penn.

Kasey Birbeck of Carlisle agrees.

"I think there should be no hands-free or holding the phone up to your ear. Just drive where you are driving," Birbeck said.

AAA said that voice-to-text applications are just as dangerous as texting by hands. The association is hoping to work with tech manufacturers and auto makers to develop safer technology.

Auto groups such as the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have reportedly voiced skepticism over the study's findings.

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