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Harrisburg man brutally attacked, neighbors blame city ignorance

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A Harrisburg man was beaten over the weekend while trying to help a neighbor. Now, a neighborhood blames the city for not listening to public safety cries for help.

"It was swelled up like a balloon, like I was growing another head," said the 56-year-old man who's recovering from injuries he said he suffered over the weekend.

The man, who wished not to be identified, showed abc27 his injuries Monday morning. Black-and-blue bruises up top matched the bruises down below on both legs. One leg was wrapped from toe to thigh in a tan medical bandage, his foot swollen.

Roslyn Hubbard explained her husband suffered torn ligaments, sprains, gashes and a concussion Saturday evening. Hubbard explained the Olde Uptown Neighborhood around Penn and Meunch streets have been dealing with a rash of car break-ins recently.

She explained the neighborhood has become a target because nearly a dozen streetlights have been out for several months. To combat the issue, neighbors decided to keep watch.

Sure enough, Hubbard said her husband witnessed two men going car-to-car checking to see if any doors were unlocked. When the men approached a neighbor's car, Hubbard's husband said he tried to scare the men away with a stick.

Hubbard said she heard screams from her husband and ran down the stairs. Hubbard said she witnessed the men grab her husband and take him down to the sidewalk.

"They was banging his head against the concrete, choking him," said Hubbard. "He was trying to fight them off."

Hubbard thought she lost her husband.

Around the corner, Willie Wheeler heard about the scuffle and was heartbroken, but not surprised. Wheeler blames the city for not listening.

"That's bad ... you know," said Wheeler. "That's why we're so [expletive] off. We've been complaining about the lights. I've been calling down there. I've got every city number on my phone."

Wheeler said the neighborhood has been dealing with broken lights for several months.

"The lights here went off … It was pitch dark in here," she said.

Wheeler said she made multiple calls and was told her neighborhood was not on "the list" to receive immediate repairs.

Hubbard said she made similar attempts.

"We kept calling, kept calling, kept calling, kept calling," she said. "They claimed they had nothing to do with [the lights]."

Neighbors explained they were fearful their unanswered cries for help would have consequences and unfortunately they said they were right.

Wheeler said Hubbard's husband being attacked was the final straw. When she called City Hall this morning, the person she said she spoke with said Harrisburg Public Works planned on repairing the lights right away.

abc27 cameras captured city workers repairing the lights one-by-one around the neighborhood. Hubbard and neighbors welcome the light, but many question why it took so long for the city to finally see it.

A sobbing Hubbard said, "You work all them years and pay taxes and when you call ... when [the city has] problems that they should take care of, you get the run around. I think it's unfair."

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